Tuesday, October 22, 2013


So, today is Day 1(It's not really day 1 this post was not saved and almost everything was lost) of my serious Nano Prep overhaul. I've been thinking about this story and getting things together in my head all year, but of course nothing was concrete. I never really gave it more than just a passing thought and it shows.

I'm going to start Plot. I'll admit it's always been one of my weak points. Not necessarily conflict in it's basest sense, but the overall Story Problem. I'd spend hours, days, months writing thousands of words to a project only to stall before the middle because there was no real Problem. The big thing that needed to be solved before the end of the story was always missing. So this year in my quest to write as close to a complete first draft of *Thirst as possible I'm determined to go in with a plan. 

What I need to know:
Antagonist - MFC's uncle Sasha
Inciting Incident - MFC is sold in exchange for asylum.
Story Problem - In exchange for her life and the lives of her family, MFC must find the formula to the wolves' drug before her uncle's debtors find them. ( This needs reworking...)
Conflict -  MFC vs MMC, MFC's family vs Wolves, Wolves vs other Wolves, MFC vs Sasha
Turning Points -
Darkest Moment - MFC's betrayal, Sasha's Betrayal
Solution -
Resolution -

I'll update this as I figure out more...

*The title of my 2013 Nano novel.

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