Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Plot #2

After I've thought about what my plot will entail and come up with a couple scenes in my head I like to refer back to honestly one of the most awesome books on writing craft, Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. I'm not going to explain anything, just tell you what i use. I would seriously recommend this book to anyone who has some problems really narrowing down not only what plot is, but also how to 'plot'. Im one of those people who needs things drilled into their head a million times and lots of examples before I really get it and Story Engineering really does that. So here are a list of scenes and sequences that I'm going to figure out before I start writing

Opening Scene
Hooking Moment
Inciting Incident
First Plot point
First Pinch point
Context shifting midpoint
Second pinch point 
Second plot point
Final resolution sequence

The sentence-- I'm not quite happy with it but honestly i could keep re-writing this thing forever, but the truth is that everything could change between now and the end of Nano.

Hunted by loan-sharks, Naida realizes the only place to hide is with the creatures she blames for her parent's deaths-- werewolves. Forced to marry the Alpha in exchange for asylum for her family, the only way to offset her insurmountable debt is to finish what her parents started and find the formula to the wolves potent drug before she meets the same fate as her parents.

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